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A complete restriction digestion of a circular plasmid $(5000bp)$ was carried out with $HindIII,BamHIandEcoRIindividually.$ Restriction digestion yielded following fragments. 

$Plasmid + HindIII \rightarrow 1200bp\: and\: 3800bp$

$Plasmid + BamHI \rightarrow 5000bp$

$Plasmid + EcoRI \rightarrow 2500bp$

The number of sites for $EcoRI,BamHI\:and\:HindIII $ present on this plasmid are

  1. $EcoRl-2, BamHI- 1, HindIII-2$
  2. $EcoRI-1, BamHI- 1, HindIII-2$
  3. $EcoRl-3, BamHI-2, HindIII-1$
  4. $EcoRI-2, BamHI-2, HindIII-1$
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