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vsnQ42 A complete restriction digestion of a circular plasmid (SOOObp) was carried out mthHindIII,BamHIandEcoRIindividually. Restriction digestion yielded follomhg fragments.Plasmid + HindIII> 1200bp and3800bpPlasmid + BamHIOOObpPlasmid + EcoRIs ZSOObpThe number of sites for EcoRIBarnI-IIandI-IindIIIpresent on this plasmid are

  1. EcoRl-2, BamHI- l, HindIII-2
  2. EcoRI-1, BamHI- 1, HindIII-Z
  3. EcoRl-3, BamHI-Z, HindIII-l
  4. coRI-2, BamI-II-Z, HindIII-l
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