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Q47 In a genetic cross between the genotypes WXWX and mum the following phenotypicdistributions were observed among the F; progeny: WX, 562; wx, 158; WX, 38; and WK, 42.Likewise, a cross between XXYY and xxyy yielded the following results: KY, 675; XV 175; Xy,2; and XY, 78- Similarly, a cross between WWYY and wmy yielded: WY, 292; wy, 88; Wy, 12;and wY, 8. In all the genotypes; capital letters denote the dominant allele. Assume that the F1progeny were self-fertilized in all three crosses. Also, double cross-over does not occur in thisspecies. Which of the following is correct?

  1. Relative position: W-X-Y Distances: W -X = 5 map units, X-Y = 17 map units
  2. Relative position: X-Y-W Distances: XY = 15 map units, Y-W = 11 map units
  3. Relative position: Y-W-X Distances: YW = 5 map units, W -X = 11 map units
  4. Relative position: X-W-Y Distances: X-W = 5 map units, W-Y = 10 map units
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