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Question Number : 65 Question Type : MCQA linear double stranded DNA of length 8 kbp has three restriction sites. Each of these can either bea BnmI-II or a HaeIII site. The DNA was digested completely with both enzynes. The productswere puried and subjected to an end-filling reaction using the Klenow fragment and [a-SZP]-dC'TP.The products of the end-lling reaction were puried- resolved by electrophoresis- stained withethidium bromide (EtBr) and then subjected to autoradiography. The corresponding images areshown below.5 2Shh3kbZkblibEtBrMarie-VSampbSkb ' "'V ' ' ' BomHlDI - :I63kblib =I-:.:---:I' "" Hogm:I _3::_crikb QAutoradrographThe numbers below each band in the sample lane in the autoradiograph represent their mean signalintensity in arbitrary units. Which one of the following options rs the correct restriction map of theDNA?

  1. i E = i = Es E 8 s 2 em 8 2: an 3: 8i++ _.__._Zkb Zkb 3H) lkb Zkb Zkb 3kb lkb
  2. : i i : - :z e e 5 f a8 8 8 8 8+t+lkb Zkb Zkb 3kb lkb
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