Bio Technology
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'I‘he dtstnbntton of marks scored by a large class 111 an exam can be represented as a nonnal
dlSIl‘lbllthll with mean u and >tanda1‘d dex'xanon 0 In a I‘ollm -np exam m the same class. everyone
scored 5 marks more than then tespeem'e were 111 the eathet exam for tlus follow-up exam the
(hstnlmtton of marks can be reprexented ax a nmmal dun ihtntintt mth mean u; and \Iflndfll‘d denatmn
0;. Which one of the following 1» coneet'.‘

(AMI-113:0 0; (BHI‘ “3.0 ‘0~ \("tu tt3.0 0; (Dvn “5.0—0;

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