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To pass a test. a candidate needs to answer at least 2 out of 3 questions correctly. A total of6.30.000 candidates appeared for the test. Question A was correctly answered by 3.30.000candidates. Question B was answered correctly by 2.50.000 candidates. Question C wasanswered correctly by 2.60.000 candidates. Both questions A and B were answeredcorrectly by 1.00.000 candidates. Both questions B and C were answered correctly by90.000 candidates. Both questions A and C were answered correctly by 80.000 candidates.If the number of students answering all questions correctly is the same as the numberanswering none. how many candidates failed to clear the test?

  1. 30.000
  2. 2.70.000
  3. 3.90.000
  4. 4.20.000
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