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In $\textit{Neurospora crassa}$, a mutation in the $\textit{poky}$ gene results in a slow growth phenotype (poky). The results of four crosses are given below.

  1. wild-type $ ♀ \times$ wild-type $ ♂ \rightarrow$ All progeny are wild-type
  2. wild-type $ ♀ \times$ poky $ ♂ \rightarrow$ All progeny are wild-type
  3. poky $ ♀ \times$ wild-type $ ♂ \rightarrow$ All progeny are poky
  4. poky $ ♀ \times$ poky $ ♂ \rightarrow$ All progeny are poky

Which one of the following explains the inheritance mode of poky?

  1. Episomal inheritance
  2. Mendelian inheritance
  3. Mitochondrial inheritance
  4. X-linked inheritance
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