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Full name: sanjay
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About: I am  UGC/CBSE  NET ( comp science) qualified and provide online/offline training to others to qualify for the same.
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Following standard books?: Yes Peter Linz(TOC), K.H.Rosen (DM),Coreman (DAA),Tanenbaum(Networking),Morris Mano, Russel and Norvig(AI) KK Aggarwal(S.Engg), Schaum Series(CG)
Home State: Uttar Pradesh
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santoshrtukota Dec 31, 2018
Construct a memory system having static 1k x 4 RAM .How many such RAM’s will be required to.

(i) Construct 1k x 8 RAM bank ?

(ii) 4kx 4 RAM memory bank ? Show the block diagram and the address decoding circuit.
Shaveta Oct 8, 2017
by Shaveta
How many nonisomorphic simple graphs are there with n vertices, when n is   a) 2? b) 3? c) 4?
Shaveta Oct 7, 2017
by Shaveta
What is the sum of the entries in a column ofthe adjacency matrix for an undirected graph? For a directed graph?
Sanjay Sharma Sep 13, 2017
2^5(1.05) =32x2^.25 =32xsqrt(1.414)= 32x1.19 (approx)=38
Shaveta Sep 13, 2017
by Shaveta
Hello,I just want to confirm that how to calculate values  like 32^1.05 without calculator ?