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During anaerobic growth, an organism converts glucose $(P)$ into biomass $(Q)$, ethanol $(R)$, acetaldehyde $(S)$, and glycerol $(T)$. Every mole of carbon present in glucose gets distributed among the products as follows:

$1 \text{(C-mole P )} \rightarrow 0.14 \text{ C-mole Q) } + 0.25 \text{ (C-mole R) } + 0.3 \text{ C-mole S) }+0.31 \text{ (C-mole T) }$

From $1800$ grams of glucose fed to the organism, the ethanol produced (in grams) is ________

Given data: Atomic weights (Da) of $C=12, H=1, O=16$, and $N=14$
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