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Q34 The plasmid DNA was subjected to restriction digestion using the enzyme EcoRI and analysed onan agarose gel. Assuming digestion has worked (the mm: was active), match the identity of theDNA bands shown in the image in Group I with their identity in Group II. A -B _ DC _Group I Group IIP. Bands labeled as A 1. NickedQ. Band labeled as B 2. SupercoiledR. Band labeled as C 3. ConcatemersS. Band labeled as D 4. Linear

  1. P-3, Q-l, R-2, 8-4
  2. P-l, Q-4 R-3, S-Z
  3. P-4, Q-3, R-l, S-2
  4. P4, Q-l, R-2, S-3
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