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Match the antibiotics in Group I 1th their modes of action in Group II.Group I Group IIP) Chloramphenicol 1) Inhibits protein synthesis by acting on 305 ribosomal subunitQ) Rifanipicin 3) Interferes mth DNA replication by inhibiting DNA graseR) Tetracycline 3) Inhibits protein s3nthesm by acting on 505 nbosomal subunit5) Quinolone 4) Interferes with RNA polymerase actixity5) Inhibits B-lactaniase activity

  1. P-l- Q-Z. R-3- 8-5
  2. P-3. Q4- R-l. 5-2
  3. P-3. Q-Z. R-l. 5-4
  4. P-l. Q4. R-3. 5-3
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