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An analysis of DNA-protein interactions was carried out using all DNA-protein complexesin the protein data bank (PDB). The frequency distribution of four amino acid residues.represented as P. Q. R and S. occuning in non-covalent interactions between the protein andDNA backbone is shown below.60 - '1!G C(aCb)9Frequency (24.,c o- - lR S0 , P\Vhich one of the following is correct?

  1. P-Lys. Q-Arg. R-Gln. S-Glu
  2. P-Ghi. Q-Glu. R-Lys. S-Arg
  3. P-Asn. Q-Asp. R-Arg. S-Lys
  4. P-His. Q-Glu. R-Gln. S-Lys
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