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Q36 A 1.2 kb DNA agment was cloned into BamHI and EcoRI sites located on a 2.8 kb cloning vector.The BamI-II and EcoRI sites are adjacent to each other on the vector backbone. The vector containsanXhoI site located 300 bp upstream of the BamHI site- An internal XhoI site is present in the genesequence as shoun in the gure. The resultant recombinant plasmid is digested with EcoRI and16101 and analyzed through 1916agarose gel electrophoresis. Assuming complete digestion mthEcoRI and X720L the DNA agments (in base pairs) visible on the agarose gel ill correspond to:BamHl EcoRl Xhol j,. ,1 BomHI Xhol EcoRl30 P h9500 bpVector backbone2.8 kb Insert1.2 kb

  1. 2800, 700 and 500
  2. 2800= 700 and 800
  3. 2500. 700 and 800
  4. 2500. 1200 and 300
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