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A DNA sequence, $\textrm{5’ -ATGGACGTGCTTCCCAAAGCATCGGGC- 3’}$, is mutated to obtain

  1. $\textrm{5'-ATGGACGTGCTTC}\textbf{a}\textrm{CAAAGCATCGGGC- 3'}$
  2. $\textrm{5'-ATGGACGTGCTTCCC}\textbf{g}\text{AAAGCATCGGGC-3'}$
  4. $\textrm{5'-ATGGACGTGCTTCCCAA}\textbf{t}\textrm{GCATCGGGC- 3'}$
  5. $\textrm{5'-ATGGACG}\textbf{a}\textrm{GCTTCCCAAAGCATCGGGC- 3'}$

[Point mutations are showm in the lower case or $’-’$ Within the sequences]

Which of the above mutant sequences DO NOT have frame-shift?

  1. P, Q and S
  2. P, S and T
  3. Q, R and S
  4. Q, S and T
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