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$W,X$ and $Y$ are the intermediates in a biochemical pathway as shown below:

$$S \cdots \cdots \rightarrow W\rightarrow X\rightarrow Y\rightarrow Z$$

Mutants auxotrophic for $Z$ are found in four different complementation groups, namely $Z1$, $Z2$, $Z3$ and $Z4$. The growth of these mutants on media supplemented with $W$, $X$, $Y$ or $Z$ is shown below (Yes: growth observed ; No: growth not observed):


Mutants  Media supplemented with
   W   X      Y    Z
  Z1  No  No  Yes  Yes
  Z2  No  Yes  Yes  Yes
  Z3  No  No  No  Yes
  Z4  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes


What is the order of the four complementation groups in terms of the step they block?

  1. $S \cdots \cdots \overset{Z1}{\rightarrow}W\overset{Z2}{\rightarrow}X\overset{Z3}{\rightarrow} Y\overset{Z4}{\rightarrow}Z$
  2. $S \cdots \cdots \overset{Z4}{\rightarrow}W\overset{Z2}{\rightarrow}X\overset{Z1}{\rightarrow} Y\overset{Z3}{\rightarrow}Z$
  3. $S \cdots \cdots \overset{Z3}{\rightarrow}W\overset{Z1}{\rightarrow}X\overset{Z2}{\rightarrow} Y\overset{Z4}{\rightarrow}Z$
  4. $S \cdots \cdots \overset{Z4}{\rightarrow}W\overset{Z1}{\rightarrow}X\overset{Z2}{\rightarrow} Y\overset{Z3}{\rightarrow}Z$
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